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UTM Solution for UTM Service Providers

UTM service providers partnering with Unifly gain rapid market entry, streamlined regulatory compliance, and scalable solutions. Unifly’s customizable platform, with advanced integration and API capabilities, offers seamless connectivity and innovative technology for enhanced operational efficiency and future-proof services.
How UTM Service Providers Create Value and Innovation
Rapid Market Entry
Bypass the lengthy and resource-intensive development process by leveraging ready-to-deploy UTM technology, speeding up your service launch.
Regulatory Navigation
Benefit from technology that’s pre-aligned with global regulatory standards, simplifying compliance efforts and keeping services up-to-date with legal requirements.
Scalable Solutions
Access technology that grows with your business, capable of handling increased drone traffic and expanding service offerings without the need for constant redevelopment.
Focus on Core Business
With the technology foundation handled by experts, focus your resources on enhancing customer relationships, service innovation, and market expansion.

Why UTM Service Providers Should Choose Unifly

Unifly’s platform allows customisation, offering a unique opportunity to align the interface with your company’s branding and support multiple languages, ensuring a personalized experience for your users.

Integrate your billing service directly with the Unifly platform. This streamlines the invoicing process for services rendered, billing for airspace use, flight planning, and other UTM-related services.

Unifly offers comprehensive API access, enabling direct communication between your systems and our platform. This opens up possibilities for integrating a wide range of services.

As a leader in UTM solutions, Unifly commits to continuous innovation. Service providers gain access to cutting-edge features and updates that ensure your offerings remain competitive.

The Unifly platform offers deployment flexibility, compatible with both private (on-premises) and public clouds (e.g., Azure, AWS, Oracle), ensuring data stays within the country you desire.

The platform meets the EU regulations (EU 2021/664 and EU 2019/947), including all associated AMC/GMs, ensuring it stays up-to-date with current UTM regulations.

Unifly’s platform follows key SWIM standards like ASTERIX and UTM standards such as ED-269, ED-318, and ASTM F3411-22A for complete regulatory compliance.

Leveraging a decade of expertise in UTM deployments, Unifly offers a platform that integrates seamlessly with a wide range of drones and tracking devices. This vast experience and network of partnerships enable a comprehensive and seamless operational platform for UAS Operators.
Key Products for UTM Service Providers


Explore, Prepare, Plan, Validate, Fly, Resolve, and Report to ensure safe and efficient drone flights.


Authenticate, Authorize, Monitor, Investigate, and Support provide supervisors with robust airspace management capabilities.


Wide-ranging integration options with drones, surveillance radar systems, and other platforms boost operational efficiency and safety.

Use Case: Skeydrone

Under a strategic partnership, Unifly provides SkeyDrone with its automated, interoperable, and proven UTM platform, fully compliant with the newest U-space regulation.

SkeyDrone is leveraging Unifly’s platform with their aviation-grade traffic data and value-added services to help drone operators with all required regulated services, delivering end-to-end solutions that enable them to operate drones safely and securely.

The partnership offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for drone operators and enables scalable, innovative and secure solutions that benefit the entire drone ecosystem.

The combination of Unifly’s leading UTM platform and SkeyDrone’s services, has already achieved a significant milestone with the launch of Europe’s first scalable pre-U-space BVLOS framework in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, allowing international scaling of SkeyDrone’s U-space and drone detection solutions.

With this partnership, we are giving a strong signal to the drone services market. Our objective at SkeyDrone is to shape the safest and most secure solutions for drone operators, and this partnership will help us achieve that. By collaborating with Unifly, we can develop innovative, efficient, and secure solutions that will benefit the entire drone ecosystem.” said Hendrik-Jan Van Der Gucht, CEO of SkeyDrone.​​


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