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Unifly UTM Platform

 Unifly UTM platform enhances drone operations and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) flights, serving both drone & UAM operators and supervisors with dedicated services and features. 

UTM Platform components


For operators, the platform eases the flight process by offering services to prepare, plan, validate, fly, address issues, and report on drone & UAM activities. A publicly accessible web-based application provides essential airspace restriction information. For more complex operations, the platform delivers in-depth planning and validation services for safer flights, alongside live flight monitoring, in-flight conflict resolution features, and comprehensive reporting and analysis post-flight. This ensures that operators can manage their flights efficiently and safely from beginning to end.


For supervisors, the platform provides a suite of services for authorisation, monitoring, and post-flight investigation, enabling effective airspace access management, real-time operational oversight, conformity checking, restriction enforcement, and detailed analyses after operations. Supervisors can set up no-fly zones, oversee operations and alerts, issue landing directives, and apply data analytics for insightful decision-making.


To support these specific user needs, the Unifly platform includes Operator and Platform APIs for seamless integration with drones, UAM, and ground control stations, fostering operational efficiency and safety. The Operator API caters to a broad array of operational needs, while the Platform API facilitates information sharing across different platforms, ensuring a collaborative and safe airspace environment.

Key features

o Web and mobile applications designed for drone and UAM Operator users.
o Web applications for Supervisor users (e.g., Air Traffic Control or local authority users).
o System Administrator users (First line support): Essential support features for platform user assistance.

  • Operator API: Enables drone operators and manufacturers to connect directly with the platform.
  • Platform API: Facilitates data exchange between the Unifly platform and other systems.
  • Complies with EU regulations (EU 2021/664 and EU 2019/947), including all relevant AMC/GMs, ensuring adherence to the latest regulations.
  • In addition to SWIM standards such as ASTERIX, the platform supports typical UTM standards such as ED-269 & ED-318 for geozones and ASTM F3411-22A for Remote-ID.
  • Demonstrated integration capabilities with ATM systems, such as the Phoenix tracker by DFS.
  • Ensuring high availability, privacy, and rapid deployment to meet customer needs.
  • Offers customization to align with a customer’s branding, including multilanguage support and unit conversions.
  • The platform can be adapted to fit both distributed and centralized UTM deployment models (e.g., U-space, LAANC, or Canadian Regulation), offering flexibility to meet various regulatory environments.


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