UTM for U-space

U-space represents the EU vision for integrating drones safely and efficiently into the airspace. U-space regulation (EU) 2021/664, paves the way for autonomous Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, reducing air and ground risks as defined in (EU) 2019/947. This regulation facilitates a competitive market for U-Space Service Providers (USSPs) offering tailored services for drone operators, and single point of truth services offered by Common Information Services (CIS) providers.


U-space Integration Challenges

Scalability Issues

Traditional Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems are not equipped to manage the expected growth of drone traffic in urban environments, posing significant scalability challenges.

Safety Concerns

Ensuring the coexistence of unmanned and manned aircraft in the same airspace without compromising safety.

 ATM Integration

Seamless integration between drones and existing manned aviation operations is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and safety.

Regulatory Compliance

Adapting to and implementing the evolving EU regulations and standards for urban air mobility is essential for all stakeholders.

 Diverse Operator Needs

UAS operators across different sectors have varied service requirements, influenced by their specific applications and the geographical areas of operation. Tailored services are necessary to meet these diverse needs.

Agility in Technological Evolution

The rapid advancement of drone technology demands that UTM systems adopt an agile approach to development and updates. Traditional ATM project methodologies are inadequate in keeping pace with technological progress, risking safety. Agile UTM updates and regulatory frameworks that embrace technological evolution are crucial for maintaining and enhancing safety in the dynamic airspace ecosystem.

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Unifly's Solution to U-space Challenges

The Unifly platform can be configured to provide Common Information Services and deployed as an extensive platform for U-space Service Providers.
Unifly is a leader in compliance, fully meeting EU Regulations 2019/947 and 2021/664, including all AMC and GM requirements. We provide a compliance matrix and detailed documentation to streamline USSP certification.
Our deep involvement in regulatory discussions with agencies such as EASA and standardization bodies like EuroCAE underpins our expertise.
Our platform smoothly integrates with CIS platforms, including those of skeyes and Indra.
It adheres to SWIM standards like ASTERIX and UTM standards ED-269, ED-318, and ASTM F3411-22A.
Demonstrated integration capabilities with ATM systems, such as the Phoenix tracker by DFS.
Our agile approach ensures rapid adaptation to U-space changes, keeping pace with industry evolution and regulatory updates.
Focused on automation, Unifly offers extensive API capabilities for seamless drone and platform integration.
The Unifly platform offers deployment flexibility, compatible with both private (on-premises) and public clouds (e.g., Azure, AWS, Oracle), ensuring data sovereignty.
The platform supports interface customization to reflect your company’s branding and offers multilingual support, aiming to provide an excellent user experience on any device.

Key Products for U-space Implementation


Explore, Prepare, Plan, Validate, Fly, Resolve, and Report functionalities to enable safe and efficient flights.


Authenticate, Authorize, Monitor, Investigate, and Support features designed for supervisors managing airspace and providing services to drone operators and UAM/AAM operators.

API capabilities

Operator and Platform APIs offer extensive integration possibilities with drones, UAM/AAM, ATM systems and other systems for enhanced operational efficiency.


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