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UTM Solution for UAM/AAM Operators

The Unifly platform supports UAM/AAM operators by enabling automation and integration with existing systems, such as UTM, ATM and vertiports. This allows operators to concentrate on their core business, including providing services to end-users and achieving type certification, while utilizing the platform to potentially become UTM service providers themselves.

The Strategic Edge UTM Gives to UAM/AAM Operators
Future-Readiness for UAM/AAM
A UTM technology partner offers scalable solutions that evolve with the industry, ensuring your operations are prepared for new technologies and rising traffic volumes, securing long-term viability.
Efficiency in Launch
Opt to focus on achieving type certification and developing end-to-end solutions. Utilize ready-to-deploy UTM technology to circumvent the extensive development process, significantly accelerating your service launch.

Streamlined Regulatory Compliance and Safety

A UTM technology partner simplifies compliance, ensuring adherence to regulations and increasing safety through UTM services.

Enhanced Ecosystem Integration

A UTM technology partner integrates UAM/AAM operators into a vast ecosystem, promoting collaboration, data sharing, and coordinated operations for improved safety and efficiency.

Increased Productivity with Automation and Digitisation
Unifly offers next-gen planning tools, including digitised NOTAMs, designed for automation, significantly reducing manual tasks and streamlining UAM/AAM.
Strategic Partnerships and Experience
Using the Unifly platform, UAM/AAM operators have the opportunity to become a UTM service provider by themselves for a more integrated end-to-end experience.

Why UAM/AAM Operators Should Choose Unifly

Leveraging a decade of UTM deployment experience, Unifly provides a proven platform that integrates with a wide array of systems, underscoring its position as a leader in UTM solutions tailored for UAM/AAM.
Tailor our platform to match your company’s branding and support multiple languages for a personalised user experience.
Our extensive API access facilitates seamless communication between your systems and our platform, broadening service integration possibilities.

The Unifly platform offers deployment flexibility, compatible with both private (on-premises) and public clouds (e.g., Azure, AWS, Oracle), ensuring data stays within the country you desire.

We continuously update our platform to comply with the latest UAS, UAM, and AAM regulations, maintaining full compliance.

We adhere to crucial SWIM and UTM standards such as ASTERIX, ED-269, ED-318, and ASTM F3411-22A, guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

Key Products for UAM/AAM Operators


Explore, Prepare, Plan, Validate, Fly, Resolve, and Report functionalities to enable safe and efficient flights.


Operator and Platform APIs offer extensive integration possibilities with UAM/AAM vehicles, ATM systems and other systems for enhanced operational efficiency.

Use Case: The Gulf of Finland (GOF) U-space demonstration project​

GOF Golf Of Finland

Unifly was a contributing partner to The Gulf of Finland (GOF) U-space demonstration project, funded by the SESAR Joint Undertaking. Unifly contributed to the project with its world-leading Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology, alongside two other UTM providers.

The project took place in Estonia and Finland and consisted of a broad consortium with 19 members, including three world-leading Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) providers and two Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

The aim was to develop interoperability and data-sharing solutions, which are aligned with the overall U-space architecture. The capabilities were demonstrated in different live cases representing visual line of sight (VLOS) and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations, including Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), UAM aircraft such as air taxis, and state aviation.


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