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benefits for ports of using Unifly UTM solution

UTM Solution for Ports

The integration of drones into port operations presents a unique opportunity to optimize costs while enhancing efficiency, safety, and security. The Unifly UTM platform is specifically designed to support ports in harnessing the full potential of UAS technology, ensuring seamless operations within the unique ecosystem of port environments.


The Role of UTM in Transforming Port Operations


Implementing a UTM significantly reduces the risk of aerial incidents and enhances the safety of port personnel and infrastructure on the ground.

Enhanced Security

UTM conformance monitoring aids in intrusion detection and enables ports to swiftly identify and protect against unauthorised drone activities, improving the security of critical port infrastructure.

Streamlined Regulatory Compliance

Equipped with compliance checks and aligned with the latest regulations, the platform guarantees that drone operations within ports remain within legal parameters. It simplifies navigating the intricate regulatory landscape of UAS operations at ports.

Cost Reductions

Implementing a UTM platform becomes essential for ports looking to utilize drones extensively. This investment pays off as ports can achieve significant cost savings through drone applications, such as oil spill monitoring, preventive infrastructure maintenance, and surveillance against criminal activities.


Implementing a UTM system supports ports in their sustainability efforts, enabling environmentally conscious operations and contributing to the development of eco-friendly port ecosystems.

Why Ports Should Choose Unifly

Supports various infrastructure setups, including on-premises and cloud deployments, to ensure data security and operational integrity.
Unifly ensures complex local regulations are integrated into the UTM platform, simplifying compliance.

Unifly possesses extensive experience deploying UTM in complex port airspaces, uniquely understanding port needs.

The platform can integrate with Counter-UAS solutions to distinguish between malicious and compliant drones and offers various Remote ID capabilities for drone operators to monitor the positions of drones in real-time.
Interfaces can be customised to reflect a port’s branding, with multilanguage support enhancing interactions across all stakeholder levels.

Key Products for Ports


Explore, Prepare, Plan, Validate, Fly, Resolve, and Report ensure safe and efficient drone flights.


Authenticate, Authorize, Monitor, Investigate, and Support provide supervisors with robust airspace management capabilities.


Wide-ranging integration options with drones, surveillance radar systems, and other platforms boost operational efficiency and safety.

Use Case: Port of Antwerp Bruges

With an overall throughput of 271 million tonnes per year, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is a critical hub in worldwide trade and industry, being home to 1,400 companies and accommodating the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe.

PoAB’s DronePortal is a cutting-edge UTM application developed by Unifly in partnership with SkeyDrone. The UTM platform has been operational in the Antwerp Port area since mid-March 2021 and has processed over 5,000 flight authorizations, playing a pivotal role in the evolving U-space landscape.

Using the Unifly UTM platform, Port Authorities can manage multiple workflows concurrently, implement a multi-layered authorization process including automatic approvals, and deploy robust real-time surveillance and detection capabilities.

This collaboration contributes to the port’s proactive stance in harnessing drone technology to enhance safety, ensure compliance, and boost operational efficiency.

Erwin Verstraelen, Chief Digital Information & Innovation Officer, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, states that “Embracing innovation is at the heart of our strategy, and this partnership with SkeyDrone and Unifly reaffirms our commitment to fostering a smart, connected, and future-ready port. Together, we’re shaping a new frontier in uncrewed aerial operations”.​​

Discover how Unifly’s UTM solution can support ports in successfully integrating drones into their operations.


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