Unifly Unveils Dynamic Rebranding: Driving Expansion and Advancing Autonomous Aviation

Antwerp, March 18 Unifly, a pioneer in UAS Traffic Management (UTM) deeply rooted in aviation, announces an ambitious rebranding initiative. This strategic move is designed to encapsulate the company’s evolving focus towards Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), marking a new era of growth and innovation in autonomous digital aviation. 

With a new visual identity, enhanced mission statement, and brand-new website, Unifly is setting a fresh course to lead the integration of next-generation aircraft into global airspaces. The rebranding reflects Unifly’s commitment to revolutionizing UTM by leveraging digital, automated solutions that cater to the evolving demands of UAM and AAM. This pivot not only aligns with the exponential growth anticipated in air traffic but also underscores Unifly’s readiness to embrace and conquer new challenges in the aviation industry. 

Unifly’s new logo, featuring upward parallel lines, symbolizes the seamless coexistence of manned and unmanned aircraft and its blue gradient palette echoes the vastness of the sky. 

Andres Van Swalm, CEO of Unifly, conveyed his excitement regarding the refreshed brand identity, emphasizing, “Unifly’s rebranding is more than a new look; it’s a reaffirmation of our unwavering commitment to advancing the safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation. Our platform stands as a critical bridge connecting authorities, drone pilots, and stakeholders, ensuring the seamless and safe incorporation of drones and urban air vehicles into the airspace.” 

Embracing its refreshed identity, Unifly solidifies its role as an industry leader in pioneering technological advancements that enable autonomous aviation in everyday life. As the industry approaches a new era in urban and advanced air mobility, Unifly’s rebranding represents a bold step forward, signaling its readiness to lead and expand its global footprint. 

About Unifly

Unifly, a technology company deeply rooted in aviation, is committed to enabling and advancing the safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation through cutting-edge technology. The Unifly platform serves as a vital link between authorities, drone pilots, and various stakeholders, facilitating the safe integration of next-generation aircraft into the airspace. By digitizing and automating Traffic Management, and by integrating with drones and Urban Air Mobility (UAM), the platform is addressing the exponential growth in air traffic generated in the upcoming decades. The company has a proven track record of implementing UTM nationwide in more than eight countries, establishing it as a world leader in this industry

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