Advanced NOTAM Parsing

Advanced NOTAM Parsing transforms complex, text-based Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) into clear, information for UAS and UAM operations. By decoding every line with a language processor and not just relying on basic Q-line, it presents airspace restrictions with unmatched precision, ensuring drone pilots navigate safely and comply with up-to-date airspace information.


Complexities in interpreting Legacy ICAO NOTAM

Complexity and Inaccessibility
Traditional ICAO NOTAM, crucial for flight safety, are often complex and difficult for drone pilots to interpret.
Risk of Misinterpretation
Simplistic parsing methods may overlook critical details, increasing the risk of non-compliance and airspace violations.
Lack of Granularity
Basic parsing fails to capture the precise geometry of restricted areas, leading to potential safety hazards and operational inefficiencies.
Drone pilot

Unifly's Solution to Advanced NOTAM Parsing Challenges

Uses a sophisticated language processor for in-depth interpretation of ICAO NOTAM, going beyond basic Q-line data to extract detailed information.
Defaults to a circular depiction based on Q-line data when detailed parsing isn’t feasible, prioritising safety with a conservative approach.
Directly associates NOTAM with relevant airspace volumes, such as activating a Control Zone (CTR) due to specific activities
For NOTAMs not tied to existing airspaces, it autonomously generates specific volumes, ensuring drones avoid areas like large events in uncontrolled airspace.
Provides drone operators with accurate, easy-to-understand NOTAM information, significantly enhancing situational awareness and regulatory compliance.

These methods not only enable us to effectively manage remote ID and adhere to all safety and regulatory standards, but more importantly, it ensures that obtaining remote ID is streamlined and accessible through a variety of means available.

Products used within the solution


Explore: Offers drone operators easy to understand NOTAM visualization.


Operator APIs: Facilitates uploading geographical zones (including NOTAM) as geofences in drones, preventing airspace infringements.



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