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Unifly Pioneering Autonomous Aviation

Unifly, an aviation tech company, enhances autonomous aviation safety and efficiency by digitizing traffic management and integrating with UAS and Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Addressing the surge in air traffic, Unifly’s proven UTM solutions are deployed worldwide in over ten countries.

Unifly was founded by a team of aviation experts



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Our history

Two air traffic controllers harboured a common vision: they observed an increasing presence of drones in the airspace, yet they lacked the means to effectively manage or visualise these unmanned aircraft. The questions arose: How can you spot the drone, and where is its operator? How do you establish a connection with them? This vision led to the birth of Unifly, a collective of aerospace experts who embarked on a mission to create a platform facilitating the secure integration of drones into the airspace. Initially born as a spin-off from VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Unifly has since blossomed into the industry’s leading innovator in unmanned traffic management technology, earning multiple awards along the way.

Unifly’s groundbreaking technology empowers governing bodies, corporations, and vital infrastructure operators to oversee the seamless integration of drones. Our open platform harmonises the interests of all stakeholders, establishing an air traffic management system for drones that enhances visibility and averts potential collisions.

Our vision & mission

Enabling autonomous aviation.

We drive the technology to advance the safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation in everyday life.​

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