Unmanned Operations Management

Connecting operators with authorities for a safer airspace

The Unifly approach offers a step-by-step futureproof path towards a full solution to connect operators to authorities. With Unifly’s Unmanned Operations Management, you can plan all your drone operations and manage your fleet.

Key features

Unifly offers a future-proof path to connect operators with authorities. You can now plan all your drone operations and manage your fleet in one, single place… in Unifly’s unmanned operations management tool. Unifly's BLIP tracks the drones in real-time.

Operations planning & monitoring

Our all-in-one operations planning & monitoring tool allows you to filter down to specific flights, areas, and operations. This way, you can easily plan your drone operations from the beginning to the end.

Future drone flight validation

Check whether your flight is allowed or not in one single click, through integrated UTM functionalities. Unifly will instantly tell you if you have to request additional permissions to conduct your flight and guide you through the entire process. 

Operational area management

We provide you with UTM functionalities on an operator level. You can manage, authorize and monitor drone operations in your area. On top of that, you can set restrictions for every single drone pilot within your business.

Fleet management

Unifly offers an all-in-one drone fleet management tool, including: user, resource and document management, a logbook and incident management.

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