Airspace Security Management

Combine UTM and drone detection (C-UAS) capabilities to detect, identify and differentiate all air traffic within airports and critical infrastructures.

Key features

Drone traffic detection

Ground-based radar systems all drones and other small objects in your area - both cooperative and non-cooperative.

We use BLIP & GCS integrations to distinguish good drones from bad ones. This distinction ensures that our solution only targets the drones that need to be intercepted. Unifly's BLIP tracks the drones in real-time.

Airspace awareness identification

The integration between the monitoring system and drone detection systems results in quick identification and efficient interception of unauthorised drones.

Conformance Monitoring

In addition, we continue to monitor the authorised drones so that they remain compliant with the imposed standards.  This way, we can always target drones and intercept them if necessary.

Whenever a threat occurs, security staff are warned of possible threats in the airspace. This really helps you to be fully confident about the security of your airspace.

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