Unifly Supervisor portal

The Unifly database contains all the data needed by authorities to visualize and manage the airspace and unmanned traffic.

Unifly Supervisor portal

Unifly Supervisor portal supports ANSP's and authorities in the management and regulation of the airspace.

As the main software engine taking care of the drone operational support and flight validation, Unifly Supervisor portal uses airspace information, regulatory data, meteorological data, user data, drone data, traffic data (manned and unmanned) and obstacle data input to feed its rule-based engine.

Main goals are to perform a pre-flight validation of the flight and perform a conflict resolution – i.e.: determine if the flight path is in conflict with any obstacle, traffic or regulatory limitation.

Accurate aeronautical data

The system can be connected to existing ATM systems using a SWIM interface and exchange aeronautical data using the AIXM format, surveillance data using the ASTERIX format and flight and flow data using the FIXM format, thus providing a seamless integration with existing ATM environments.

Map manager

Map Manager is a Supervisor Portal module that allows aviation authorities, ANSPs as well as local authorities to manage both the geographical and the metadata of limited or no-drone zones. As such it supports creating, editing, and deleting these zones in real-time.

No-drone zone management is often used in the same context as airspace management.


Flight viewer

The Flight viewer is designed to display both drone traffic and manned traffic on a UTM supervisor screen. The image background consists of a map on which airspaces, no-drone zones and limited drone zones are superimposed.

These airspaces and zones can be selectively displayed. Selecting a vehicle highlights it from the other traffic and displays its detailed information on a second screen for a more in-depth analysis.


Drone operator & pilot data

The Unifly Supervisor portal makes it possible to register drones, pilots and drone operators in a central database. Local and national regulations can be entered and adapted using a rule engine to create validation rules, the rules that drone pilots must adhere to and drones must comply with in order to be allowed to fly and to manage no-drone zones dynamically.

Drone technical data & planned flights

Using Unifly Supervisor portal, you can create, manage, communicate and re-evaluate airspace changes. You can manage and record the approval process to facilitate exceptions, get an overview of planned drone flights and manage roles, features and authorisation. A visual indication/situational awareness shows where drones are flying to separate manned from unmanned traffic (2D/3D).

Some no-drone zones can be accessed only after they are given an authorization to operate in this zone. These zones are called limited no-drone zones. Through Unifly Sentry, the user can manage the access to these limited no-drone zones dynamically.

Drones in flight

When drones are equipped with technology to provide location data, Unifly Supervisor portal can visualize the flight path in real-time and can serve as a means to replay and analyse historic flight paths. It's also possible to replay past drone flights to analyse if the drone did not infringe the airspace, and stayed within the allowed zone.

Bridging the gap between manned and unmanned aviation

The Unifly database contains all the data needed by authorities to manage unmanned traffic and perform both pre-flight validation of the flight and conflict resolution if the flight path is in conflict with any obstacle, traffic or regulatory limitation.


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