Your opinion matters in drone integration: CORUS questionnaire

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The drone industry is growing at a rapid pace, which means the safe integration of drones into airspace is of the utmost importance. Therefore SESAR, the mechanism which coordinates and concentrates all EU R&D activities in ATM, is making an effort to make this happen in a safe and efficient manner through the U-Space projects.


CORUS, which stands for Concept of Operation for European UTM Systems, is one of those projects involving nine organizations including Unifly. The consortium’s goal is to develop and write a concept of operations for U-Space.

CORUS seeks to build a consensus and draw on information and experiences already available. The project activity is centered on 3 workshops that will be held with a wide base of stakeholders, allowing CORUS to build, refine and validate its concept of operations. The workshops are planned to be held in January 2018, June 2018 and January 2019.

Another important factor to the safe integration of drones is the perception of all stakeholders across various industries. Which is why the CORUS team is eager to hear the stakeholders’ insights. To accomplish this, the team has put out a questionnaire to find out more about the pro’s, cons and hindrances towards drone acceptance.

By filling out this questionnaire, you have the opportunity to aid in the process of safe drone integration by offering your insights and it would be greatly appreciated. The questionnaire takes no more than five minutes and can be found right here.