Woman shocked by intrusive drone hovering in front of her bedroom window

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Marita Maass, a woman from Upper Hutt, New Zealand discovered an unpleasant surprise when she was relaxing in her bedroom. She mistakenly took the sound of a hovering drone for the sound of water pipes, so she thought nothing of it initially. After a while, she couldn’t help but take a look as the sound would not let up.

Drone hovering in front of window
New Zealand's CAA received more than 300 drone related complaints in 2017
Image source: stuff.co.nz

As she walked up to her bedroom window, she saw a drone hovering very close to her window. Upon this discovery, she immediately called the police. “I pulled the curtains away and there was this drone about two meters from my face; hanging there at my window with this little red light,” she said. “They would’ve seen me seeing them. I felt violated, like my privacy has been invaded. It was an absolute shock to me,” she added.

According to Stuff, the authorities told her there was nothing they could do, other than telling her to call back in case the drone came back. This prompted Ms. Maass to file a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority and Privacy Commissioner. Incidents like this show the importance of the proper regulation of drones.

Legislation and a system that works alongside the legislation to properly regulate and identify drones, as well as facilitating legal repercussions, are of the utmost importance. In this incident, the police were unable to locate and identify the drone operator, which means there were no repercussions to this intrusion.

And this wasn’t the first time either, as the CAA of New Zealand has received more than 300 drone related complaints in 2017. In two-thirds of those cases, the drone operator was never identified.

Several reports from Stuff, such as the one of a family that got followed around by a drone on a beach, show that there is a desperate need for an interface to keep drones in check.

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