Unifly UTM in SESAR Horizon 2020 PODIUM project


The Proving Operations of Drones with Initial UTM (PODIUM) project has been selected by the European Commission to proceed to the grant preparation phase. The work will be performed by a consortium led by EUROCONTROL and comprising Airbus, DSNA, DELAIR, Drones Paris Region, Integra Aerial Services, Naviair, NLR, Orange and Unifly. Around 20 drone operators – including many small and medium enterprises - will participate as third parties to the consortium.

The project will highlight the important role of UTM in providing a mutual traffic situational awareness for the involved local actors – including air traffic management (ATM) - as a means to facilitate their day to day drone management. 


PODIUM will design, perform and implement flight trials and perform long-endurance inspection flights. Over 100 flights will be performed at the Drones Paris Region cluster, in the former air base of Brétigny-sur-Orge (Essonne, France).

The SESAR Horizon 2020 PODIUM project will demonstrate unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) services, procedures and technologies at four operational sites in Denmark, France and the Netherlands throughout 2018 and 2019. It supports U-space, the European Commission’s vision for the safe, secure and efficient handling of drone traffic and a key enabler for the growing drone market to generate economic and societal benefits.

Read all about it here: http://www.eurocontrol.int/news/u-space-steps-podium