Unifly sets up first Unmanned Traffic Management in Africa for Unicef


The first Unmanned Traffic Management system on the African continent was activated last week when Unifly set up a UTM in Malawi for Unicef's new Humanitarian Drone Testing Corridor.

At Kasungu Aerodrome, the Humanitarian Drone Testing Corridor in Malawi, Unifly worked together with Unicef, uAvionix and Virginia Tech to make drone traffic a reality.

The goal of the test center is twofold. First, to enable companies to test drone applications in harsh African conditions. Second, to serve as a knowledge center to introduce drone technology to local engineers.

In a first trial, drones transported blood samples from the local community to the nearby medical center. Conditions for the test were difficult, with intermittent electricity and internet connectivity.

Unifly set up a UTM system for the safe visualisation and management of the drone traffic. uAvionix provided the tracker to facilitate the flight Beyond Visual Line of Sight. Virginia Tech taught the local students how to build and maintain drones.

Marc Coen from Unifly traveled 18 hours to Malawi to support this endeavour. Follow his journey here: