Fly like Iron Man with RYZE Tech's latest drone

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Drone enthusiasts who consider themselves (die-hard) Marvel fans will rejoice at the news of the release of a new version of the popular Tello drone, manufactured by RYZE Tech. In collaboration with Marvel and Disney, RYZE Tech announced the Tello Iron Man Edition, which is available for sale in North America and Europe. The drone is an excellent choice if you want to learn how to fly a drone and if you're just starting out (and/or you could try drone simulators, of course.)

The original Tello drone was released last year with technological support from Intel and DJI. The drone turned out to be an affordable yet highly capable little drone, targeted at beginners and educational institutions. At the end of 2018, the Tello got revamped in the form of the Tello EDU, which expanded the educational opportunities for the product range. The drone can be programmed and supports several programming languages.

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And now the Tello received yet another revamp in terms of branding and functionality. RYZE Tech sat down with Marvel and Disney to launch the Tello Iron Man Edition, just in time for the new Avengers movie which arrives in theaters at the end of this month. The drone sports a design inspired by the iconic Iron Man armor, alongside a new flight control app featuring Iron Man’s AI assistant; FRIDAY.

It’s a fun concept: FRIDAY is there to teach you the basics of flying a drone via 'training missions' as a new recruit of ‘Stark Industries’ PILOT program’. It includes missions with voice instructions which cover things like basic flying techniques, camera operation, intelligent flight modes and more. The drone can be flown manually, and it can also be programmed to fly custom paths and to perform maneuvers using coding languages such as Scratch, Swift and Python.



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