Drone rescues Australian swimmers

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On January 18, two teenage boys were saved by a drone deployed by lifeguards, off the eastern coast of Australia. The two boys were actually spotted by chance, because the Australian Lifeguard Service were training with the drone to spot sharks. During said training they were notified of two swimmers having difficulty nearby while surfing.

Two swimmers were rescued by a drone
Image source: ABC News

'2017 New South Wales Lifeguard of the Year' Jai Sheridan flew the drone towards the boys and began his search for them. When he spotted them, he dropped a flotation device attached to the drone into the sea. The device inflated in the sea which allowed the boys to grab onto it.

They eventually made it back to shore with the help of the waves. Once there, they were greeted by a team of lifeguards who were waiting for them. The entire operation took no more than two minutes, and they made it back safely and unharmed. Watch the footage below:

This goes to show that drones do have the potential to be an effective tool to save lives, as drones have received a lot of negative criticism over the past few years.

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