CORUS validates ConOps in 3rd workshop - open invitation

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CORUS stands for Concept of Operation for EuRopean UTM Systems. It is a Horizon 2020 project, established within the context of SESAR. Gathering experts from aviation (manned and drone), research and academia, the CORUS consortium will develop and write a concept of operations (ConOps) for U-Space, the European system for management of drones.

Starting from the U-Space blueprint and from the ATM Master Plan update, the project will produce detailed definitions of the services and architecture necessary for VLL drone operations. The Conops was first presented in January 2018. We are now refining the current version based on input from the members of the drone community.

CORUS invites all members of the drone community to participate in this validation process.

Register to the CORUS third workshop, where you will hear about the proposed concept of operation and you will be able to influence the future development of U-space.

Attendance at this workshop is free of charge, but you will need to make and finance your own travel arrangements.




The workshop is constructed as three events to allow attendees to optimise their time by only attending parts that interest them:

ConOps Presentation - 2nd April 

A presentation of the CORUS Concept of Operation to the U-space Community Network. This one day aims to be a comprehensive presentation of the recently released second iteration of the CORUS ConOps for U-space. Starting with an overview, different speakers will explain different parts of the ConOps so that by the end of the day attendees should have a good understanding of the ConOps.
Attendees will be able to submit comments and suggestions electronically during the workshop and afterwards.

The U-space Big Picture – 3rd  April
Many U-space projects are currently busy exploring technical enablers for U-space, on aspects such Detect and Avoid, Security, Tracking, Aeronautical Information and others. On the 3rd April a number of them will present their initial findings and explain how their work relates to the CORUS ConOps.

CORUS ConOps Expert Review – 4th and 5th (morning) April
This event is open to those who have submitted written comments on the second version of the CORUS ConOps - which will be released on the 1st of March. The exact agenda of the event will depend on the comments received. These comments will be grouped into themes and those causing the least agreement or strongest reaction will be prioritized for discussion. The event is open to anyone who sends written comments by the 14th March.  
Interested? You can register here: