Use of drones in an industrial setting - Port of Antwerp

Use of drones in an industrial setting - Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp recognizes the benefits drones provide in an industrial setting. Drones are used in the port to monitor emissions, conformance, other alarming situations and to conduct general surveillance. When necessary, the harbor master can call a drone to inspect a certain area. Drones have proven to be an invaluable asset in maintaining safety around the port.

 For the U-space SAFIR project, several drone operators showed their use cases in a realistic urban and industrial environment including the city and port of Antwerp. The different use cases proved the ability of drones to safeguard critical areas, such as an international port or an urban environment.

 The demonstration flights in the port included container terminal inspections, oil spill inspections and ship emissions inspections. Covering over 120 km2, the Port of Antwerp is a very large area with critical infrastructure which can be difficult to reach.

 The SAFIR project has proven that the use of drones is an immense addition to port safety. Using Unifly’s UTM platform, port authorities could comfortably manage, inspect and control a large area in a swift and safe manner with authorized drone flights.

In addition, Unifly’s all-in-one operations planning & monitoring tool allowed the drone operators to effortlessly plan and manage the drone operations from the beginning to the end.

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