Enabling the Belgian drone economy with skeyes

Enabling the Belgian drone economy with skeyes

Belgian Air Navigation Service Provider, skeyes, and the BCAA selected Unifly for the nationwide rollout of a comprehensive UTM system. They were the world’s first aviation authorities to facilitate the drone service market. They did so by providing professional drone operators with a supporting tool that optimized their operational efficiency. 

This signified an important step towards the viability of the drone service market. 

Starting in 2018, skeyes and the BCAA launched the Droneguide website. Its aim is to offer information on drone use to both professional and recreational drone users in Belgium. Droneguide is a website geared towards a wide audience. Its purpose is to inform both the general public and to support drone users. 

The site is structured around an interactive airspace map clearly displaying all the areas where drones are authorized to fly or not, either temporarily or permanently. 

Droneguide offers general information and useful links. Smartphone and tablet applications include a geolocation function, so users know whether their drone can take off and under which conditions at their exact location anywhere in Belgium. 

Along with this interactive map, the app boasts a number of practical functionalities. Recreational drone pilots can prepare their flight and receive validation via their smartphone or tablet.

Released in September 2019, Droneguide Pro automates the administrative process for professional drone operators and pilots via a web-based application that automates flight planning. This includes flight requests, derogations and approval management.

Previously, professional drone operators were required to manually request their flight approvals and derogations. For drone operators, this meant a lot of paperwork and administrative delay.

With the new automated process, drone operators can conduct their business in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Drone operators and pilots can now fully focus on flying and securing projects, with Droneguide Pro simplifying the administrative aspect.

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